Case study

BED Holdings

From stagnation to growth with Skynamo

The Bolt & Engineering Distributors Group (BED) was established in 1983 and is a leading supplier of engineering related products to the construction, agricultural and mining industries. The Group’s national footprint spans the South African provinces of Gauteng, North West Province, Free State, Western Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. This case study looks at how BED used Skynamo to, according to CEO Mike Giltrow, “move from a stagnant state to a growth state” in their business life cycle.

  • – 32 reps provide quality service to over 3 000 customers
  • – Easier to identify business opportunities
  • – More accurate sales efficiency measurement
  • – Perceived as more professional by customers

Keeps track of customer needs and uncover new business opportunities

BED’s motto is ‘It’s our business to know your business’ and with the help of Skynamo their 32 reps are able to better serve and sell more to their 3 000 customers by having more insight into their business requirements.

Up-to-date and easy-to-interpret sales information makes it easy for reps to pick up each other’s accounts should one of them go on holiday or fall ill, and it helps managers keep track of customer interactions and commitments when a rep leaves their business. “Skynamo provides a safety net when a rep resigns, because the customer history is never deleted, and the new rep has access to all customer history data,” says Mike Giltrow, CEO of BED Holding.

What’s more, thanks to the information collected during customer visits, Skynamo helps identify business opportunities BED might otherwise not have known about. Reps perform on-site assessments of their customers’ manufacturing processes and use Skynamo to document these processes and store photos and videos of their equipment. Managers immediately have access to this information in Skynamo and are thus able to quickly act on new business opportunities.

“We’re immediately aware of future projects and requirements, which means we are able to uncover new business opportunities we would otherwise have missed.”

Tracking field sales activities to gauge sales effectiveness

BED initially chose Skynamo to enable their reps to easily capture customer information in the field and provide managers with insight into field activities, such as who their reps were seeing and how often. By using Skynamo to generate quotes, BED’s managers are now also able to gain insight into reps’ strike rates, or how many quotes are being converted to orders.

“It is a brilliant way to measure our sales efficiency at large,” says Mike Giltrow, CEO of BED Holding. “We know how many quotes we are writing, whether they are being followed up, and how many we are closing.”

A new admin approach that aids sales performance

BED Holdings realised that while their reps are great at selling, some struggle with admin. Skynamo has made the sales admin quicker and easier to complete for reps. “We were surprised to discover how much our reps embraced the admin side of their jobs since using Skynamo. It has become less time-consuming and aids their sales performance.”

Better route planning means less time on the road

Skynamo’s GPS features not only eliminate the need for manually compiling call reports, but also help reps with route planning by giving them a mapped view of their customers’ geographical locations.

“Those reps who embraced the Skynamo app now swear by it as it makes them more efficient and effective in their planning and their calls rather than taking a shotgun approach.”

“Coaching up instead of coaching out”

Sales reps who were previously identified as star performers are performing even better with Skynamo, while poor performers now receive coaching. Skynamo allows managers to identify why some reps struggle to sell and puts them in a position to coach their reps to perform better.

"We have a philosophy: we’ll either coach a rep up or coach them out. It’s our goal to coach reps up. If they embrace the app but are struggling to reach their target we’ll try to coach them up so that we don’t lose them. All reps have different strengths and weaknesses, and Skynamo allows managers to hone in on those qualities and coach them as individuals."

Management is also able to see the number of calls a rep is making and the amount of time they are spending at a customer versus the business opportunities with that customer. This helps managers coach the rep and determine if they are spending too much time at a customer for too little return. By keeping managers in touch with their reps, Skynamo enables them to provide immediate support on any complex issues that might arise.

“The perception of our sales reps of themselves and by our customers has changed to a more professional one, because they always seem to have the information they need at hand.”

Improved in-house collaboration and coordination

The biggest benefit has been the resulting collaboration within the BED sales team. Before using Skynamo, reps behaved more like traditional order-takers, focused on selling only the products with which they had previous success. With Skynamo, reps take on a more consultative role when visiting customers thanks to the additional information they collect and consolidate during visits.


“We are a far more professional company and our customers have testified to this. Skynamo has helped all stakeholders within our organisation move to a more coordinated and collaborative way of working together.”