Case study

Sweets Galore

Skynamo provided a sweet solution

Sweets Galore has 80% of the confectionery market in South Africa’s Southern Cape. However, with only four sales representatives, what Sweets Galore never had was an effective sales support system. The company spent two years looking for the right solution until they were introduced to the Skynamo – a mobile-friendly Field Sales Software. With the adoption of this system, this Sweets Galore case study showcases how the company’s fortune changed, after just five months, due to a 50% decrease in their sales turnaround time.

Sweets Galore was appointed by Tiger Brands, Nestle, and Cadbury, with a large number of other small suppliers such as Ferrero, Mr Sweet, Wrigley, Mars, Pringles as well as Beyers since 2003, to service the independent and informal retail trade. Based in George, and with only fourteen employees, Sweets Galore was battling to meet growing demand from its customers, and hence the imperative for implementing a new sales management system that could improve their business operations.

"Our clients consist of different types of businesses. We sell sweets and confectionery products to all kinds of outlets – anything from small supermarkets to Spaza shops, as well as hotels, forecourts, sports facilities, schools and even golf estates. As our clientele is so diverse and vast, it was important for us to find a simple solution and one that could easily be integrated with the way we work."

“Now we’re using the Skynamo mobile solution, it’s astounding how, in just a short time, the reps have considerably increased their data accuracy. Pre-Skynamo, they were taking a long time to sort out a customer issue with an order, but now the sales staff can go back on that order immediately and fix it in real time.”

Increased Effectivity: Cloete has also noticed that there is less downtime in the warehouse, as the sales orders are created immediately and uploaded onto the system, instead of the next day.

“We waste less time doing administration, and our internal expenses have decreased, because we use less stationery. We now have the picture and the pricing of the product visible on the tablet. Our sales representatives look more professional – they no longer enter a store with bulging folders and waste time searching through wads of paper for prices for any of our 900 line items.”

Cloete is excited about the future because he already knows that Skynamo has changed their sales operations and that this is bound to have a very positive effect on their bottom line too.

“Our customers are definitely happier and that makes me happy”, says Cloete.