Automated call reports

No need to spend hours each week compiling call reports. Skynamo automatically tracks time on the road, distance travelled, time with customers, customers visited, notes taken, orders submitted, etc. Call reports are automatically generated as an activity timeline for your manager to view.

Customer info and history

Be more professional and never walk in unprepared again. Skynamo lets you start customer engagements with full knowledge of all interactions and info.


Live customer location and route planning

See on a map where all your customers are located in relation to you, so you can plan your day better and reduce driving time. Even see which customers are overdue for a visit so you can prioritise them for a visit.

Colourful digital catalogues

No more lugging around out-dated printed catalogues. Share the latest product info with your customers via your mobile device.


Check the latest pricing, product info and stock levels

No need to call the office to check on pricing or product availability. Get your orders right the first time around.

Submit orders from the field

No need to head back to the office to submit orders. Submit digital orders on the road to reduce turnaround time on orders and ensure order accuracy the first time.


More features


Task management

Improve your service levels. Add tasks and associate them with specific customers.


Info gathering forms

Easily capture all required information during customer visits with customisable visit forms, e.g. audits, customer surveys, and scorecards.


Make voice notes

Add notes after your customer visit using speech to text.


Market research

Ensure your products are always displayed properly on customers’ shelves and build a history of stock levels, facings and retail prices to maintain merchandising standards.



Take photos of shelf displays or defective products and associate them to your customer visit.


Action forms

Easily capture Complaints and Requests and email them to the right internal contacts for resolution.

"The monthly reports are tailored per customer and we can see exactly how often the reps have met with each client, and how many sales that resulted in. We generally have a rule that they need to see 6 – 8 clients per day, so that’s their target that we measure it against."

"The introduction of the app also saw a great improvement with the efficiency of getting admin done. It has smoothened activity at store level. Movement in store has become more streamlined. The information we need to monitor is available whenever we need to get quick access to it."

Why Skynamo?


Mobile first

Unlike applications that simply offer mobile access to their software, Skynamo has been developed specifically as an app for mobile devices, which means a superior experience for mobile users and access to all functionality - even offline.



No major hardware, infrastructure or technology expertise or investment required. Get set up and going in minimal time.


GPS tracking

Automatically track sales activity to cut down on administrative tasks for sales reps, increase transparency, and compile valuable insights that enable smarter sales decisions.

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